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Mexico is a great country with great challenges. In order to achieve transformation into a more prosperous and inclusive nation, professionals ready to face problems and take advantage of opportunities are required in both private and public sectors. The Graduate School of Public Administration and Public Policy (EGAP) at ITESM was designed to contribute facing those challenges.

EGAP’s educational model combines teaching, research, consulting and extension, so that the preparation offered to our students promotes the development of abilities, attitudes and values such as: critical thinking, intellectual flexibility, research capacity, social equity awareness and concern for the community. In other words, EGAP promotes intellectual development and a positive social awareness.

Moreover, the development of professional competences is encouraged in all students, so they are able to develop as public administrators, directives in corporate environments, promoters of civil society, public policy consultants or students preparing for doctoral studies, among others.

Our theoretical-practical preparation is based on the concepts of Democracy, Governance, Citizenship, Rule of Law, Poverty Fight, which aim to prepare integral professionals committed to their social environment.

Among its objectives, EGAP intends to contribute to the professionalization of public administration, promoting the analysis and statement of public policies for the development of the country.

We know each student represents a new opportunity to achieve great changes in our country: that is our main strength. EGAP alumni are currently working for both public and private sectors, with the opportunity to generate a great impact in the institutions they work for.

In this formation process, professors take a core role contributing to the preparation of the new citizens of Mexico. Hence, we work hard in order to enrich our Faculty, by integrating experts from different areas and with an extensive professional experience. Many of our professors are members of the National Researcher System (SNI).

We cordially invite you to join the EGAP community. Take a look at this brochure, where you will find EGAP graduate programs, continuous education courses and consulting services. Be part of this team of professional people committed to the generation of more and better options for the development of Mexico.


Dr. Bernardo González-Aréchiga

Última actualización: 16/08/2010

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